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The UK Gin craze

The UK Gin craze

There is no denying that this country has been caught up in a gin craze over the last few years, resulting in duty received by customs and excise from gin overtaking that of beer. Every week a new distillery pops up offering another variety of the drink, a new infusion or recipe all of which are matched by increasing number of tonics.

At the last count there were around 847,000 varieties of gin in the UK. It is no longer acceptable to simply create or order a gin at the bar without calling for its matching tonic. The new tonic ‘kid on the block’ is fever-tree. The Jolly Brewer hopes to stock the new range of tonics in the near future enhancing your experience of gin.


Gin takes its distinctive flavour from juniper berries the main source of  gins characteristics. Enjoy with Schweppes tonic but if you prefer something a little less sweet try Fever-Tree Indian tonic water.


For people who find traditional classic style a little too bracing. If you find juniper rich and citrus led mixes too zesty then floral flavours may be one to try. Using the infusion basket on the air still try almonds and coriander, or even rose and elderflower. Make sure you match with Fever-Tree Mediterranean tonic with lemon thyme and rosemary.


Probably the least familiar of these four profiles, herbal gins offer intriguing and complex flavours for those looking for something more unusual. Experiment with thyme and basil or thistle and wild mint in your infussion basket. Remember a quality Indian tonic for the best taste.


These bold refreshing gins are packed with zesty flavours. Use Orange peel or grapefruit or even lime in the Air Stil infussion basket to really give you a punch, mix with ginger beer to give an even more citrus taste.