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Turning Vodka into flavoured Gin

Turning Vodka into flavoured Gin

Top Shelf Gin

As most of us know base alcohol is essentially vodka. By the addition of one of our top shelf flavour additives you can now turn your inexpensive vodka into any spirit. These Top Shelf flavours have been manufactured to reproduce exactly any type of Whiskey, Rum, Brandy and Gin.

With the current gin craze we have found the Top Shelf Gin flavouring to be our most popular flavouring. Just one 50ml bottle produces 3 bottles of Gin.

New Fruit Essences

We have recently taken delivery of a selection of concentrated fruit essences from the Uncle Roy’s Range,  which compliment the gin flavouring, meaning you can now reproduce a Rhubarb and Custard, Elderflower, Raspberry, BlackCherry, Cinamon and many more Gins which would cost you anything up to £50 a bottle for a little over £11.

Why not get creative and choose your own unique flavour combination. At the moment these fruit flavourings are only available from our shop in Kidsgrove at £3.99 each. Please call in and try different combinations in your own time.