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Makes 40 pints at approx 4.8% ABV
All from the 3.5kg cider kit, no extra fermenting or priming is sugar needed as its all incldued in the cider kit

Good level of sweet verse dry, sweet peach is lifted on your palate by tangry passion fruit finish.
With the two flavours complimenting each other well in this peach and passion fruit cider kit

You get a nice looking cider with a warm golden amber colour and a light gentle fizz
with aroma which it’s punchy peach tones, underlinded with a fruity passion fruit aroma.


The Youngs Peach and passion fruit cider kit includes all you need to make 40 pints of refreshing fruit cider, no extra fermenting or priming is sugar needed as its all incldued in the cider kit

Equipment is not included in with this kit, you only need basic fermenting equipment and of course bottles or barrels once fermented

Youngs Cider kits Makes 40 pints. Pale straw in colour with a fresh apple aroma, this cider is well balanced with a delicate, oaked finish. It’s crisp, refreshing and smooth on the palate.
Produces approx. 5.2% ABV.

Getting started

Always clean and sterilise your fermentation bin,lid and mixing spoon with VWP cleaner/steriliser ensuring you rinse thoroughly with clean water

Add the contents to the fermentation bucket.

Add 4 litres of hot water and stir until sugar is fully disolved

Top up to 23 litres using cold water and stir well.

Stir in the contents of the yeast and nutrient.

Fit air lock to the fermenter and secure lid. Half fill the air lock with water or steriliser.

Leave the Youngs cider kit to ferment at an air temperature of 20-30c for 5 to 7 days.

Good temperature control is important for cider quality and timely fermentation below 20c fermentation will take much longer. Below 15c fermentation will stop altogether. A heat pad may be useful in keeping the cider at an appropriate temperature ( particularly during the cooler months)

Once fermentation is complete add any flavour saches stir and leave for 24 hours

Add priming sugar or carbonation drops to sterilised bottles and invert bottles 4 or 5 times to dissolve the sugar.

Store the Youngs cider  between 20 and 30c to condition, then move to cool place, ready to drink once clear. Chill before serving


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