£35.00 £32.99

Makes 30 bottles

ABV 11%
The merlot blush wine kit is a fresh crisp white wine with aromas of flowers and almonds and an elegant light palate which is refreshing and smooth
If you’re not normally a rose drinker this tasty example will convert you. The best of both worlds


Cellar 7 wine kits are created from the finest European grape concentrates.

This wine kit requires only water with easy to read instructions and can be ready to drink in 7 days. Each kit includes all you will need to produce 30 bottles of excellent quality wine.
Constantly improving with age, and suitable for all occasions.

This  wine is one of our biggest sellers in our shop in Market Street Kidsgrove.

There are 13 varieties of grape available in the Cellar 7 range.


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