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Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide Gas in the Home Brew industry

I am sure you have seen over the last few days issues with the shortage of Carbon Dioxide within both the beer brewing and food industry.

Use in Home Brew Beer

CO2 is also used in the home brew beer making industry as well.

Carbon dioxide is a bi-product of the fermentation process. Sometimes it is necessary to use addition amounts of carbon dioxide to carbonate your beer once you pass your fermented beer over to your barrel.

Usually the addition of the secondary sugar is enough to carbonate your beer and the need for additional carbonation is not necessary. However dependent on the type of beer and the level of beer left in your keg you may need to supplement the carbon dioxide. By adding food grade co2 via the pressure valve on the top of your keg carbonates the beer.


You should not add CO2 if your barrel is full as this can caused leakage.

To gas your beer you should add very small amounts of co2 over a couple of days to allow the co2 to be absorbed into the beer.

Do not over gas as this can cause leakage.

Your s30 valve will release some excess pressure

Do not over tighten barrel cap as this could cause damage to the cap.

Ensure your barrel is sterilized before transferring your beer.