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Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide Gas in the Home Brew industry I am sure you have seen over the last few days issues with the shortage of Carbon Dioxide within both the beer brewing and food industry. Use in Home Brew Beer CO2 is also used in the home brew beer making industry as well. Carbon dioxide is […]

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The demise of the specialist shop

  When The Jolly Brewer in Kidsgrove first opened its doors in June of 1996 by Graham Reynolds the World Wide Web was in its infancy. In fact there were 100,000 websites in existence in 1996, a considerable amount I hear you say but today we have over 162 MILLION! I will start by saying […]

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Turning Vodka into flavoured Gin

Top Shelf Gin As most of us know base alcohol is essentially vodka. By the addition of one of our top shelf flavour additives you can now turn your inexpensive vodka into any spirit. These Top Shelf flavours have been manufactured to reproduce exactly any type of Whiskey, Rum, Brandy and Gin. With the current […]

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The UK Gin craze

There is no denying that this country has been caught up in a gin craze over the last few years, resulting in duty received by customs and excise from gin overtaking that of beer. Every week a new distillery pops up offering another variety of the drink, a new infusion or recipe all of which […]

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AirStill Distillation Guide

Distillation Guide This is a distillation guide for anyone who uses or is considering using the AirStill we suggest you read the following which may be of some interest This is a tried and tested method for getting maximum efficiency fro the AirStill. You can,of course, use the instructions provided and you will get a […]

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Re-start a fermentation


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What is a beer kit?

Beer kits from manufacturers typically contains liquid or dry malt extract which when diluted with water produces wort. The extract is normally hopped, which removes the need for boiling it with hops. Kits with lower malt content (usually up to 1.8kgs) require sugar addition. The “all malt” style kits containing 3kg or more (to make […]

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How Britain became hooked on homebrew

With more home brewing kits flying off the shelves than ever before, we ask why the ‘brew it yourself’ revolution has taken British drinkers by storm. Each week in Britain, an average of 20 pubs shut their doors. In a world of post-recession austerity, many clearly believe that beer has become a luxury that is […]

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